You’re gonna love Los Angeles.

With its sandy beaches, hundreds of shops, celebrities and world-renowned history, Los Angeles is a multi-faceted city that appeals to all travelers. In all seasons, the City of Angels attracts for its climate, its landscapes and its buildings that seem to caress the sky.

Los Angeles is a shopper’s paradise, full of designer boutiques, luxury stores and gargantuan shopping malls. American bars and restaurants will welcome you for well-deserved gourmet breaks.

With its 88 neighborhoods, Los Angeles promises human and cultural discoveries that will make your stay unforgettable. Take a walk on the surrounding hills to observe the vastness of the city unfolding before your eyes. Small single-storey houses and glass towers stand side by side in a landscape that is unique in the world.

5 reasons to visit Los Angeles

1. Hollywood

Famous throughout the world thanks to the exponential development of the American film industry, Los Angeles is a delight for fans of the seventh art. Impossible to stay in California without taking a picture in front of the famous letters leaning against the hill, or without walking on Hollywood Boulevard in the hope of meeting some stars.

2. The food

Close to the Mexican border, Los Angeles has been – and still is – strongly influenced by Latin culture; this influence is found in the restaurants, with probably the best tacos and chilis in the United States. Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles also has many excellent Chinese, Japanese, Italian or Jewish restaurants to taste unique cuisine.

3. Art and culture

If Los Angeles is mainly known for the film studios that are based there, the Californian city also sees young talents emerge day after day in the world of painting, sculpture or writing. Take advantage of your trip to visit the many small art galleries that flourish around street corners, discover young authors signing autographs in independent bookstores or attend stand-up comedy clubs.

4. The Climate

Los Angeles is the third sunniest city in the United States. Even in winter, temperatures rarely fall below 15°C during the day and the ocean is still pleasant to swim in even in the middle of January.

5. A city for the whole family

Few cities have so much appeal to younger people. It’s impossible for children to get bored in this megalopolis that includes the world’s largest amusement parks, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood.